“when it’s not Swine Flu”

I’ve finally succumbed to the flu.  There isn’t any part of me that doesn’t ache and groan.  It’s been a full on assault by the germy bugs.

The worst part of it all is everyone is trying to convince me I have the dreaded Swine Flu.  Funny thing is that as soon as I tell friends and family it’s not the Swine they act like I am healed.  Is the standard, run-of-the-mill flu not noteworthy anymore?  Apparently, the only way to be “really” sick  is to have H1N1 virus.

Why are we humans like this?  Why does something have to be sensational in order for it to stoke the fires of our hearts?  Has the onslaught of information from media sources created an insatiable thirst for high-stakes drama?  Have we all just become ambulance chasers?

I’m content with the my average sniffing, coughing, aching all over flu.  I’ll leave the headlines and red carpet clear for those who need a more prestigous viral variety.

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