“be yourself”

Jason Young wrote a great post on “What Unhealthy Leaders Taught Me.”  You can read it here http://www.jasonyounglive.com/2009/11/10/what-unhealthy-leaders-taught-me/.

I admit, I think he and I might have learned some of the same lessons from the same bad leaders.  I would go so far as to say I’ve learned more from bad leaders than I have from good ones. 

However, I think there is one lesson omitted from the list. 

One lesson I have learned: If you want to be an unhealthy leader, pretend to be someone else to make others happy. 

There is nothing worse than trying to follow someone who is trying to be someone they are not.  There is no conviction or confidence.  Everything is hand-me-down PR images.

As a woman in ministry, being myself is a real struggle every single day of my existence.   There are so many expectations placed upon women–we’re expected to be strong emotionally, but weak positionally.  We’re supposed to direct our responsibilities faithfully, but eagerly defer to men when they are ready to lead.  We’re expected to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but not show up anyone in the process.  It’s confusing.

Personally, I’m worn out from the confusion.  I need to be who I was created to be…it honors God to bear the image He intended me to wear.   Too much posturing around the opinion of humans is crippling.  In the end, I just become the knock-off version of someone else and not the ‘me’ who has been called “for a time such as this.”

My mom had it right when she said, “Just be yourself.  If others don’t like you, that’s between them and God.”

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