“leadership lessons from henny penny”

“The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!” We’re all familiar with the ridiculous antics of Henny Penny and the flurry of hysteria she created among her followers.  She’s a perfect picture of what every leader must avoid. 

I’ve been burdened in the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake that many leaders within the Christian community have read Henny Penny’s leadership manual.  There is a lot of scurrying around, but not many matters of faith are getting worked out in practice. 

A crisis like Haiti is a good check-up for the soul, because a tragedy best reveals what beliefs our hearts most confidently practice.  In times of relative calm and ease, we can masquerade successfully as people of faith, but crisis betrays are true beliefs.

To what are you turning to in response to Haiti?

     Fear or faith?

     Technology or Truth?

     Pragmatics or prayer?

     People or God?

     Kingdoms of man or an Eternal King?

Watching the benefit concert on CNN last night I realized how anyone, Anderson Cooper or George Clooney, can raise money.  Only the people of God can pray.  God has never saved the day on anyone of man’s dimes.  He has always worked in the midst of faith.  Raising money or jumping the next plane to Haiti will not bring a movement of God.  Every movement of God I see in the Scriptures finds the people of God at rest in His sufficient sovereignty and waiting (and beseeching) Him to save the day.  Certainly, God will call some–hopefully many–to be His hands and feet of love, compassion, and redemption in Haiti.  However, He calls us ALL to pray.  The actions that will have sustaining power in Haiti will only be those that are bathed in prayer…quiet, persistent, fearless, fervent prayer!

If we find ourselves running Henny Penny–trying with all our sleepless strength to save the day ourselves–we should at least recall that even Henny Penny knew she needed to tell the king. 

Are you finding that Haiti is making you a stronger person of faith and prayer?

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