“the silence of faith”

I’m all out of words. 

This last week has been a complex circuit of hard conversations, empty explanations, and disappointing discoveries.  Do you ever feel like reality ushers in an uncomfortable silence?

I suppose it’s the tension we live with this side of heaven.  People are always going to disappoint us.  Circumstances will not stop being filled with all the frivolities and frustrations of sin.  Instead of dreams and desires giving us hope, they often fill us with a profound sense helplessness. 

As I look at my life and the situations I am encountering, I am just out of answers.  I can’t explain or make excuses anymore.  I’m really at the end of my understanding.  I am living in the silence of reason. 

…and I think this is exactly where God wants me.  For when reason fails to offer a compelling conviction, faith is pushed from the nest and forced to fly.  It is so clear that God has placed briers and thorns in my nest to get me to leave it and trust Him with the things that aside from His sovereign hand make no sense at all.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1.  No volumes of explanation, no game-plan speculation, no words at all.  Just a work of God in my heart that is causing me to believe Him more and trust Him more than I ever have before…even though it makes less sense than it ever has.  The silence of faith–calm, quiet, peace-assured faith that God has everything under control.

How about you?  Are you still trying to find the right answers to pop-quiz questions of life or are you surrendering to the quiet whispers of faith?

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