keep looking

We all have them…those people who absolutely suck loving notions out of us. 

 The ones who turn our hearts inside out and send our fists fussing and fuming in frustration. 

I personally seem to have more than my fair share.

This has been a matter of extreme shame for me.  If I, who am so unlovable, have been loved by a God who is the essence of love, how I can I dare not pass the love along?  It mystifies me why I still find loving such a difficult practice.

In particular, I find it challenging to love my brothers and sisters in Christ.   Those who should be the most lovable, I find the most…well, challenging.   Contempt so easily rises up with hell-bent fury at the exploiters, the bullies, the decievers, the manipulators, and the unfaithful who bear the  community of faith’s name.

I know I ‘m not the only one.  No doubt you’ve had a day or two that you wanted to have a Clint Eastwood moment, too.

Romans 8:11 is changing my perspective. “And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.” 

Do you see it?  “Jesus…who is living in you.”  Living in them! 

I think I’m looking at the wrong thing when I’m face to face with those whom I have labeled “unlovable.”  If they are in Christ, then Christ is in them.  How could I gaze upon Christ and not find Him lovable?

I need to keep looking.  Looking deep into their eyes until I see them hidden in Christ.  Looking past their grievences–so many of which I am guilty of too.  Looking beyond how they make me feel.  Looking at them until I feel how God’s heart beats for them…how Christ’s heart beats within them.

This can change everything…if I just keep looking.