Walking With the Lord

My new puppy hates his leash.  

I mean really hates his leash.  It goes on and he goes crazy.  Howling and barking and twisting and turning–attempting everything to break free.

Without the leash, he will have a very boring life.  He’ll never adventure on the horse trails.  Parade around the show ring.  Cheer for his boys at the baseball park.  He will stay home and enjoy the 10 by 4 portion of  yard where we have deemed it safe for him to roam without a leash.

It occurred to me yesterday as I watched the foolishness of his fight against the leash how in so many ways I am no different.

When the Spirit of God attempts to lead me to learn something new, I often grumble and complain and resist and revolt.  Fear of losing my freedom keeps me from being truly free.

Free to enjoy the places of appointment for which God is training me.

By resisting God’s leading, I see how He must then keep me in small, predictable areas for my safety.

This picture of my puppy has helped me to better understand what Paul meant when he said, “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit” Galatians 5:25.

The Lord has a great adventure for us–trails to explore, show rings in which to shine, and grandstands from which to cheer.  But we must first learn to walk in step with Him–as if on a leash.  This is meant for our good and for God’s glory.

Do you find yourself resisting the Lord’s leading in the very thing in which He is intending for your good?