What God Sees

So often we pray, “Lord, give us your eyes to see what you see.”  This last week, someone asked me to write down my thoughts about what Scripture tells us about what God sees.  The study has been incredibly encouraging and I thought over the next little while, I would share with you what I have found on this subject.  (The study is not done yet…I can tell this is going to be one of those subjects that will take some time to journey through.) 

What does God see when He looks at you…at me?  How do we transfer this knowledge to the practice of how we see others?  A correct view of God and self allows us to see others aright.  Make no mistake—until we allow the Lord to show us how He sees us, we will never be able to have God’s eyes for others.  How can we see self and others as God does?

A look at Psalm 139 helps us to gain understanding of how God sees us and how we can have God’s vision for other:

1.   God sees your “big picture” through the tiny details.    

O Lord, you have searched [penetrate, examine intimately, find out, seek] me and you know [discern] me.  You know when I sit [settle] and I rise [am roused]; you perceive my thoughts from afar.  You discern [spread/strew] my going out and my lying down; you are familiar [treasure] with all my ways.  Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely [whole thing], O Lord.  Psalm 139:1-4

God takes notice of you!  Who of us wants to be invisible?  We weren’t created for ambiguity.  His glances do not pass you by with disinterest.  No!  He studies you…He delights in the things that you make you unique.

He has counted the hairs on your head. He has read your thoughts.  He makes note of your patterns.  And treasures all these details about you.

How does it make you feel to know that He has discerned you so?  Does it bring you comfort to know that He is sees and knows your thoughts when you are settled and when you are roused? 

We tend to get stuck on the details.  We carry small, odd details of self and one another around in our hearts like pieces of a puzzle kidnapped from their set.  Not so with God.  Each piece, each tiny detail of you is important…and God sees just exactly where that piece fits in the completed picture. 

When life seems fragmented…do not forget that it is just a piece.  Today is just a piece.  Your current disposition is just a piece.  Pieces that God sees in the full portrait of your life.    

There is no insignificant thing to God…no insignificant person to God.   Today, give thanks to God that He has a big vision for you…and your details of distinction are a part of its magnificence.  Look for the details today in others—ask God to give you eyes to see what others may miss and the wisdom to take those details and connect them to the fabulous portrait that God is making out of that person’s life.