What God Sees–Part 5

God sees the secret place before the shameful place

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.  Psalm 139:15-16

God has always seen you.  You have never been outside His timeless view of you. 

 It is this timeless view that defines your identity in God’s eyes. 

 So many of us are defined by experiences:  things we’ve done, places we’ve been, people we’ve met.  Like weights on a pendulum we try to have our good experiences outweigh our bad.  If done, than we have a good identity. 

 God sees us altogether differently, because before there ever was a shameful place in your life, there was a secret place with God where He declared you to be who you are through His divine counsel and perfect will.  No secret, shameful place ever came before the secret place with God.

The promise for you and me is that in this secret place, God ordained your days.  He has read you like a picture book—page after page, today after yesterday—He knows your story! 

 That is why He can find Moses cast out in the desert and send him back to His people.  And His people trapped in suffering and send them out into freedom.  He can see Gideon in a wine press and call him what he believes himself not to be.  He can see David, small of stature by big of virtue.   Just like them, God knew you in your secret place before you ever found your first hiding place. 

 Today you might hide behind your experience of this education, work, family.  Any experience you call a “failure” or a “success.”  But God named you first in His secret place with you.  Any experience—or title, or role, or position—will never be your true identity.  You are who God has declared you to be. 

In Ephesians 1, the Apostle Paul says in Christ we declared as chosen in Him…not rejected, holy and blameless in Christ…not graffiti-ed by sin, His child…not abandoned, redeemed…not broken and hopeless, predestined to be conformed to His will…not without purpose, included…not alone.

 No secret place of this world will ever redefine who God has declared you to be.  Today, rejoice in this truth.  Agree with God.  Renounce the secret and shameful places that still whisper lies to you and allow the secret place before the shameful place to define you.