Weekend Plans

Do you remember the simpler days, when life didn’t seem to propel you out of the things you really value?

I don’t know if I remember those days are not.  I know we talk about the “good old days,” but after traveling back in time four decades by watching three seasons of Mad Men I realize every generation must make the choice to live the life they really want.  The temptation to cheat our family and friends out of the love we have for them is no more enticing now as it was then.

So this weekend, I will be the me I wake up each morning wishing I will be:

I will begin today by going shopping with a friend…because she asked me to and I like being with her.

I will spend the evening with my hubs.  I will listen to his stories and laugh at his jokes…because I like what he has to say.

I will hang out on the couch with my kids.  I will find out their latest video game score & explore their feelings about the start of school…because these are the things that are really important to them.

I will walk the dog…because he likes a change of scenery.

I will spend time with my church family…because they are beautiful people.

I will call my sister and talk to her about something light…because her husband just lost his job and she needs people to deliver smiles to her.

I will put a care package together for my nephew…because Afghanistan is a long way away from anything that feels like home.

I will do these things…because I’ve being saying I would for too long and life is too short to not do what matter matters most.

What will you do this weekend?

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