He who dwells in the shadow of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”             Psalm 91:1.

It’s been a hot week in Los Angeles.  The weather has been discomforting and the heat of relationships, health challenges, work strain, and life responsibilities has reached a new intensity. I am in need of shade.

Finding shade without shadows is a challenge.  As Christ-followers we are called to live as children of light.  We are to have nothing to do with darkness.  But let’s face it, when life is tough we all want to find a dark, little corner in which we can hide away.

I’ve been actively resisting the shadows of darkness for dwelling in the shade of Christ.

I don’t remember the origin anymore, but it is said that the essence of God is goodness, truth, and beauty. Yesterday this truth was called to mind in a conversation with a friend who is walking through a rough patch.  My comment to her was that in the intensity of tough times, we can recall God’s goodness, truth and beauty as a means of tuning up the strings of hope.

I believe this is what the psalmist had in mind when he penned Psalm 91.  Life is going to be tough. Our worship of God can easily get disrupted by life.  Thus, we are encouraged to ‘dwell’…to sit, abide, take comfort in God.  We can choose to find a dark corner in which to escape, or we choose to divert our eyes from the intensity of our circumstances to the immensity of God’s love.  We can recall what we know about Him,  consider His greatness and worth, and recount His magnificence.  As we do, the branches of His goodness, truth, and beauty spread out, enveloping us with His comforting shade.

May you, my friend, find yourself today lounging with a lemonade in hand, finding comfort and relief in the shade of God’s goodness, truth, and beauty!

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