Do You Have a Mentor?

This last week in a staff meeting we had a “Godilocks and the Three Bears” inspired prayer card.  We were asked to fill in the answer to three columns:

Column One–“Too Big” These are the things in life that are overwhelming.  When we “sit in this chair,” we feel hard-pressed on all sides.  These are the painful challenges in life we all probably wish we didn’t have to deal with–a health challenge, a sick relative, a difficult relationship, a rebellious child.

Column Two–“Too Small” These are the areas in life where  we know we’re being soft on ourselves.  We’ve become comfortable…maybe even lazy.  No example is needed…if you’re like me, three areas of discipline in which you’ve slacked off just popped into your mind.

Column Three–“Just Right” These are the areas where you stand before the Lord with a clear conscience.  They are the areas where, for the moment, you’re walking in the perfect balance of God’s empowering grace and your own hard work.

I’ve been nagged by the “Too Soft” column since I completed the card.  The things I wrote down were all accurate…I have those areas where I know I need to step it up.  But the thing that keeps nagging me is what I didn’t write down.  So for accountability sake: I’m writing it here and then maybe I’ll have some peace of mind.

One area where I have grown easy on myself is in mentorship.

I have had some incredible mentors in my life.  People who have invested in me in profound ways. I’m always my best me when I let myself be an open book with someone who’s not afraid to take a red pen to my story.

I need an editor…we all need an editor.

Scripture makes it clear that we need the other members of the body to speak the truth in love to us…that we’re to be committed to building one another up…making disciples.  Jesus had twelve. Timothy had his Paul.  Who has you?

So I am going to be getting back in the hunt for a new person to speak into my life what I am not able to hear on my own. I’m not sure who it will be yet…I know it won’t be a friend, family member, or someone with the gift of mercy.  I’ve had enough mercy…I need a truth speaker.

What do you look for in a mentor?  Do you have one? (I mean a true one…the one that catches you on the line and reels you in to the truth of who God is calling you to be no matter how much you flip and flop!)

If not, it’s time for all of us to get moving until we can say along with Godilocks, “It’s just right.”

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