Living Over the Objections of Others

“Most come here over someone’s objections…Some of you are living over someone’s objections as you struggle to find your God-given identity and your place in His kingdom work.”

These words spoken today by Dr. Richard Mouw penetrated my heart in a profound way and with no warning the tears poured from the deep rivers my heart had dammed up for years.

I have thought about, dreamed about, prayed about, yes…even avoided, Seminary for at least 15 years. But today it became a reality.  With it came exhilaration, expectation…and fear.

What Dr. Mouw articulated is the tension I live with every day.  I possess a desperate desire to be equipped and empowered for ministry.   However, like a scarlet letter, the little letter ‘f’ for ‘female’ must always be checked on every inventory I have ever considered for the place I hope to play in God’s kingdom work.   I am painfully aware that to be who I believe God has called me  to be requires I “live over the objections of others.”

I hate that I believe the lies about gender limitations more than I trust the truth that God has spoken to my heart.  I hate that I care more about what others will say about me than treasuring God’s approval.  I hate that to walk the pastures He has promised to lead me through will probably mean that I will be required to walk through the valley of shadows experienced by misunderstandings, ended relationships and loss.  All things I hate; things that keep me up at night; things I fear more than anything else.

Today my heart consented to what my head already knew and tonight they are consoling each other with the truth that living to God’s approval is better than never doing anything bold enough of which others could object.

What are you not doing because you are afraid of others objections?

4 thoughts on “Living Over the Objections of Others

  1. Brenda,

    Roxann and I are thrilled that you’re pursuing what God has put in your heart! We pray God’s grace and strength for you each step of your journey. We have learned so much from you – not limited to your teachings – we have learned by your Godly example in day-to-day struggles.

    Chris, thanks for being a husband who recognizes and supports the gifts God has placed in your spouse.

    In His image He made them – male and female.

    (I know you asked a question at the end but I’m still so excited about the first part!)

    • Thank you! I’m starting to cry again. I’m so blessed by all the kindness & encouragement you and Roxann have shown to me. I’m glad to know you’re praying for me…I need it! I was such a Chicken Little today.

  2. Not everyone is called and equipped by God to study the deeper issues of the faith. You have been called and equipped. It is readily apparent to those who have shared life with you. Go in peace. I know that what you learn will be shared for the glory of God.

    • Jeff, thanks so much! Coming from you, I am blessed by your “endorsement.” I can’t wait to share what I learn…and I am so thankful I get to share life with you & and your family!

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