Think on this…

I keep coming back to Ron Highfield’s Great is Our Lord.   While it was written to be a theology of worship, I have found it to be an addictive devotional.  Here is what rocked my heart today.

Read carefully, consider deeply, then “devote” appropriately!

In God’s condescension, He does not cease to be great.  He does not give up His lordship when He washes feet.  He does not have to leave heaven to become present on earth.  Dwelling within our hearts does not compromise His transcendence.  Bearing our sin does not pollute His holiness.  He remains immortal even as He dies on a cross.  He does not cease to be impassible even in His suffering for us.  On the contrary, His greatness is displayed most fully in His condescension, His wisdom in foolishness, and His power in His weakness.  He is most present to us in His hiddenness.  His immortality can encompass death, and His suffering on behalf of others is the greatest demonstration of His impassibility.”  (Highfield, p. 198-199)

The word of the Lord came to the prophet Zechariah and declared, “For who scorns the day of small things?”  (Zech. 4:10)  May you make much of a very big God today and not forget that today is only the day of small things.