Life often teaches us lessons we think we already know.

Somewhere along the line I learned that inevitabilities are threads in the seams of life.

Children grow up.

Feelings get hurt.

Bodies weaken and fail.

What I didn’t learn until today is that just because inevitabilities will always find us doesn’t mean that we are ever ready for them when they do. 

They always arrive too soon. 

Anticipation makes the pain of the inevitable no less profound.   We all know that someday we’re going to get *that* phone call, but when we do, our heart hurts in a way we didn’t think it could. 

And just like that, the seam painfully unravels, one stitch at a time, exposing those guarded, treasured things sewn tightly in the cuff:  Fondness, love, and the fear of having to say goodbye…but of course, it’s inevitable that someday we will.

As the seams unravel, what comfort there is in trusting the God who will meet us with His strength and grace.   Have you learned and know, inevitably God’s love will be greater still?