Brought Down to Size

I am back in the land of the tall trees. 

I moved to Los Angeles from Seattle fourteen years ago.  Initially, I missed the towering gaze of the Evergreen’s watchfulness.  Over the years, I have grown accustomed to the baren horizons of the Los Angeles skyline.  On most days I forget the place I now call home is a place whose biggest giants are its people and the houses in which they live. 

However, being back for a visit in the  Northwest I’m reminded how much I miss the trees.

There is something that happens to the soul when you live among things that are immensely larger than you.  As I sat today gazing out the window at the trees whose tops I could not view from my window, I was reminded that it is okay to feel small and helpless.  

Possibly this is why God allows circumstances that are so largely overwhelming.  They bring us down to size and elevate Him into a proper perspective in the landscape of life.  They remind us we are small, but He is not.    He’s big, and never quite as big in our lives as He would like to be.