November is finally here and my heart is thankful for her rhythm  of thanksgiving.

I wonder what kind of people we would become if our calendars did not yearly remind us to set aside time for intentional thanks?  We do have so much for which to be thankful, you know.  How long might your list grow if you set aside the “To Do” and the “Wish” lists, and instead used the month to capture in ink each thing that causes your heart to beat with thanksgiving? Will you take the challenge to record at least 5 things a day for which you are thankful?

My “I’m Thankful For…” list begins here:

1. The pot of coffee that made its way to my bedside.

2. The husband who made it and lovingly couriered it to my rescue.

3. My children, so full of life and orneriness…yes, I am thankful they explore all life has for them and are growing in wisdom so as to learn from their mistakes.  Boring is the life that has no lessons to learn!

4. 3 stinky dogs who bark at things and jump on things and take it upon themselves to make sure each human in this home knows that to them this is the very best family in the whole wide world.

5. My paper for class on Tuesday was written on Sunday.  (Probably seems insignificant to you, but to me it’s a great matter of thanksgiving to enjoy my Monday and the people in it without having that assignment hanging over my head.)

How about you, for what are you thankful?  Cultivate a community of thanksgiving by sharing freely–gratitude and contentment are contagious…so too are their counterpoints. To which will you contribute?

I will leave you with one of my favorite prayers on thanksgiving, written by one of my favorite theological thinkers —

Thank you, Lord, for making us thankful.  We thank you for life itself; for the energy your passion for creation gives us; for friendships through which we discover our lives; for love and lust that remind us we are bodies; for that body called the church, where our bodies are enlarged; for the Eucharist, the great thanksgiving, in which we are made part of your redemption.  For all this we thank you.  Amen”  (Stanley Hauerwas, Prayers Spoken Plainly, 1999)