Daily Thanks

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of His righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the LORD Most High”  Psalm 7:17.

Today I am thankful for:

1. God always treats me the ‘right’ way. We humans are prone to mistreating one another, but God cannot act against His own righteousness in His dealings with us.  Phew!

2. God’s grace is present in His dealings with me.  He actually treats me better than I deserve and then helps me continue in joy on the days when I think others are treating me worse than I think they should.

3. God always sees my full potential.  He never marginalizes me. He is coaxing me to be all I can be in His image! (Doesn’t that thought just make you want to run out and express His goodness in an act of beauty, truth, or love?)

4. God delights in my ‘best self’–the me that offers my best even when knowing that it may be, and likely will be, diminished, ridiculed, or criticized by man.

5. God’s heart is turned toward me in favor.  I am always an invited, honored guest into His presence. I am always being established and built up in His love.

If today finds you discouraged by the circumstances in family, work, or school, take protection against the storms of others in the shelter of God. Reframe your list of wounds and frustrations with the comfort that God always treats you with dignity and what He sees in you causes Him to lavish His love on you. He’s never stingy in His care for you.  He always values you–not for what you do, but for who He has made you to be. He’s never confused about or threatened by who you are and who He knows He will help you become.  God is fully invested in you!

Now that’s a cause for thanksgiving!