Sincerely Thankful

I will give thanks to Yahweh with all my heart; I will declare your wonderful works.  Psalm 9:1

Norman Rockwell's Home for Thanksgiving


The phrase “all my heart” means ‘sincerely.’ Sometimes I think our practice of thanksgiving is false pretense. Ask me why I claim this?  Listen to how much we grumble.  Catch how often our conversations are laced with complaints.  Like children thanking parents for the hastily ripped-opened gift while scanning under the Christmas tree for one more present, our hearts expose their true ingratitude.

Today I am sincerely thankful for:

1. The beauty of the sunrise–especially the likes of the one today where the first dawn illuminated the cradle of the moon.  God always has a special way of framing His art for its viewer’s delight.

2. The water of the Word–I have been refreshed this morning by the washing of the Lord’s Word. What did I read today that refreshed me so?  Psalm 78.  It’s a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness through the generations and this morning the last two verses have fueled my courage for yet another day.

3. The invitation to the Throne of Grace–for I have found help for my time of need.  Others might get tired of listening to our never-ending need for help and counsel, but not the Lord.  No, His invitation is a standing one!

4. The people in my life--I’m my best self when I’m with them.  Like the moon today, God’s light reflects His beauty, truth and goodness through them.  Yet again, God has a special way of framing His art for His viewer’s delight.  My family and friends (…and my goofy Basset Hound) are His best art!

5. My mom’s fever is gone–she will still spend another day fighting the cancer that has invaded her body, but today she will do it fever-free.  I am sincerely thankful for this.

How about you?  For what are you sincerely thankful?