The Function of Thanksgiving

“I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving”   Psalm 69:30


Thanksgiving by Doris Lee

Giving thanks is way of glorifying God.  (Which incidentally, this is not the only verse where we are taught this.   The Apostle Paul linked thanksgiving with bringing glory too.  Do you know in which verse?)  I think “glorifying God” in our communities can be a big bubble of ambiguity.  What exactly do we mean we say that?  “Bringing glory to God” is really not an answer.  What we need to know is how are we to bring glory (i.e. great honor, praise, or distinction) to God?

One way:  Thank Him for the evidences of His presence in your life.  Our declarations of thanks change both the internal and external environment into a sanctuary of worship. Our own hearts are reminded that we are small in the hands of loving and mighty God.  Others are directed to consider the One to whom we give thanks.  As Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection pointed to the Father who was worthy of thanks for such an act of love, our lives bring glory to God when our words draw Him into the spotlight for other’s to see His beauty, truth and goodness.

Thanksgiving functions in our lives. It’s not an empty exercise. It’s a behavior that shapes our identity, because it reminds us we are not God, but we are a worshiper of Him.

My thanks exposes and elevates the greatness of God.  My thanks reveals and humbles me with how much I truly depend on Him.

And why am I thankful to Him today?

1. Safe travels.  He superintended the giant jet that flew my two precious children to another state, seeing that each detail of their journey was guarded in His protection.

2. Laughter.  I heard so much laughter yesterday and it made the whole day feel like I was being served an enormous smore.   (I love smores, so that’s a really great feeling for me…but if you’re not a smore fan, you should insert your favorite indulgence.)

3. Difficult conversations.  I’m not actually a fan of difficult conversations, but I am a huge fan of truth.  Yesterday, a hard word was said.  I am thankful for the openness and understanding I gained from it.

4. New beginnings.  Each day is an invitation from the Lord to begin again.  Is it not a beautiful truth that when the programming is slowed because there are too many errors on the page, God often hits the ‘refresh’ button for us?  How I needed a refresh!

5. Morning Bible study with the ladies.  I’m counting down the hours until their smiles and shared thoughts about God echo through my home…and heart.  We’ll be discussing the parable of the Unforgiving Servant…should be light, since we women never struggle with unforgiveness.

You?  Any glory you want to bring to God with your thanks?

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