Be Thankful

I don’t have much time to write today and I have accepted that some days are just like that.  However, I am committed to continuing on my 25-day thanksgiving challenge, so here are my five things for which I am thankful.

In many ways,  the bigness of thankfulness is compromised of all the small things we might otherwise pass by. Without this challenge before me, I might be remiss to stop and be thankful for these little things.

1. Date night with the hubs–the one human I treasure every minute with.  We’re going to Sambas.  Nothing like a crazy Brazilian meat house on Friday night to leave you feeling grateful.

2. The boy has finally finished his college apps.   No, he wasn’t worried because I was faithfully carrying for him the weight of his procrastination.

3. I had an amazing time in the Word today.  We all know there are times we approach the Word and we come away wishing there was more for our hungry hearts…today was not that day for me.  The Lord prepared a banquet of truth for me and I am filled to overflowing.

4. I am thankful for answered prayer.  They will keep me being faithful for the other things of which I am still praying.

5. And last but not least, I am thankful for the women with whom I will gather around the table to share of God’s work in our lives this last week.  We have been studying the parables of grace and the truth has been confrontational…and yet, so sweet!  How can one not be thankful for friends, their sharing life with you, and for coffee…always include the coffee!

Stop and notice the small things in your life…and be thankful!

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