Saturday: Giving Thanks for Laundry


It’s a day of breaking from the routine.  Saturday quiets the hurried rhythm of responsibilities that fill up my work week.  Monday through Friday I wear many hats, all under the gaze of other’s expectations.

But today…today I get to be me…thankful me.

I will stay in bed under the warmth of my covers, giving thanks that I have no timeline for today.

I will fold laundry…That may sound like an unpleasant chore for you.  But me…I love folding the laundry for my family.  In some odd way, laundry folding has become spiritual to me.  Each article of clothing telling their story of the last week and no matter what journey it traversed, it can be washed, dried, folded, and put back in the closet for another.  A baseball jersey muddied with the sweat of defeat can be restored to shiny white, and go on to join my boy on a victory lap.  Folding laundry is reminder that we’re not disposable…we get cleaned up; we try again.

I will read my homework for the week.  Even though it’s assigned reading, it will feel like a playground for my mind and I’ll be disappointed when I turn to the last page.

I will take The Terrible One (which is what we call Percy, our seven month old Basset Hound) on a walk.  He will make my heart smile as he walks the same, worn path like it is his first–enjoying each bug that buzzes by and sniffing each glade of grass that has already held court with the other neighborhood dogs.  If only we could continue to find wonder and joy on our well-traveled paths.

I will eat Chipotle with the family…just like we do every Saturday night.  The food is always the same, but the conversation and appreciation shared around the table never grows old.

How about you?
What will you be thankful for on this sunny, slow, and savored Saturday?

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