Thanksgiving: Generosity

“But I have trusted in Your faithful love; my heart will rejoice in Your deliverance.  I will sing to the LORD because He has treated me generously” Psalm 13:5-6.

I presume like you, there are many barren places in my life.  Places that stand empty, disappointed, and frustrated.  Places that will remain so, until the Lord inhabits those places with generosity of provision.

Reflecting on what I already have received from the Lord helps me to remain hopeful in the desert places.   I already have so much.  I already have all I truly need.  I have been treated generously.

Last night in my theology class we discussed the nature of man.  We explored the messy stuff: sin, depravity, shame.  And the beautiful reality: Image-bearing, redeemable, glory.  I left sobered…and grateful.

Grateful God has generously given me His image when He created me.  And because He has, I never lack value in His eyes.

Grateful God has generously given me His love.   His love is always pure.  Never stingy.

Grateful God has generously welcomed me into relationship with Him.  He likes me.  He is always happy to see me coming.

Grateful God has generously forgiven me.  I don’t deserve forgiveness.  Yet, I certainly need it.

Grateful God generously instructs me.  No matter how dull a student I may be, He keeps patiently working on me; believing I will become the me I am not yet.

Do you find yourself today in a desert place?  Feeling empty?  Abandoned?  Consider God’s generosity toward you and let it stir up hope in His future, yet unseen, work.

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