Thankfulness: Unlimited Grace

Today came on the heels of a very bad, no good, horrible day.  Yesterday had few, if any, moments of which I am proud.  I yelled at the husband.  I freaked out at the kids.  I served Macaroni and Cheese for dinner.  I didn’t call my mom.   It was a most ungraceful day.

Today I woke up knowing that I would have to drag my sorry, loser, sinning self out of bed to talk  to the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) ladies about grace.  Please pause and let the irony of that settle for a moment.

I happen to LOVE to talk…and to teach…and so an invitation to speak is always something I am enthusiastic about.  Except for today.

I’m pretty sure I bombed up the place with a real stinker, half of what I had intended to say, I didn’t.  But somehow, it doesn’t matter. The immediate need I had to hear the truth spoken from my lips led to a profound sense of my need for Jesus and His grace.   More so, knowing that I could go from such a bad yesterday to a new today stirred up incredible humility and gratitude.   Humility that God keeps inviting me to the table of His acceptance.  Grateful for the reminder that I’ve not lost my need for the gospel.  I still need grace…every minute.

We fall short of the grace when we fail to submit to the terms of the gospel in every area of our lives.

“The terms of the gospel are repugnant to the natural man:  they are distasteful to his carnal lusts, they are humbling to his pride…to fail the grace of God is to be satisfied with anything short of divine grace ruling in our hearts.  How many have been deceived by a kind of godliness who know nothing of its power…How many substitute outward forms and ceremonies for an experimental acquaintance with the substance of them.” (Arthur Pink)

In the messy place of yesterday, I was reminded afresh of the power I need for today.  I am thankful that I have a Savior! I am thankful He is still entering the messy places of my life just as He did for the woman at the well, the woman in tears at His feet, and the woman in need of healing.  I am thankful He doesn’t just offer me a a “better version” of me; but a new me.  I am thankful His grace is sufficient for my yesterdays and my tomorrows.  I am thankful His grace is unlimited.

How about you?  Are you living on the new graces of today? If so, give thanks that your Savior sees you in the rhythms, rituals, and relationships of your life…and He loves you.

2 thoughts on “Thankfulness: Unlimited Grace

  1. I hope you shared your ungraceful day with your MOPS ladies, because that’s the kind of sharing that miraculously propels me into thankfulness. We all have those days–those years–and yet, there is so much joy.

    • Megan, It is exactly what I shared with them! You are spot on–there is so much joy and thankfulness in being a fresh recipient of grace. I’ll be receiving freely today–pray you will, as well.

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