Thankfulness: Family, Friends, & the Things We Forget Are Extravagant Gifts

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”
I Thessalonians 5:18

Is it possible for something to be so ordinary and expected that we forget it should be a cause for thanksgiving?

For those of us living in the West, in particular, there is so much in our lives for which we should be thankful, but we’re not because our excess and conveniences are commonplace.  Could it be that we  have agitated, discontented souls because we fail to notice the richest places of our lives when they come wrapped in the ordinary rhythm and routines of life?  If only we spent more time being thankful for what we do have than considering how to get what we don’t.

I’m inclined to overlook the common graces often:  Food, home, family–plus all our crazy pets, and friends.  Today I spent time visiting with a friend I have had since 3rd grade.  3rd Grade!!!  I really can’t remember a time when she was not in my life.  We don’t talk every day…or even every week or month…but it’s assumed that as long as we have breath, we will be friends.  It’s easy to overlook the extravagant gift of having a friend like this, until you stop and consider that not everyone does.

That’s just the key:  we don’t spend enough time pausing to consider.  We rush and remedy to make our lives “better” than it is, when in point of fact, our lives our already filled with so many overlooked and under-appreciated  treasures.

Does gratitude keep you walking slowly enough to let your heart soak up the goodness that surrounds you?