What Keeps You From Being Thankful?

What’s keeping you from being thankful?

Today I had conversations and emails and a phone call from people I love who are all going through incredible pain.  I-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e pain.  With these loved ones on my mind, I went shopping for all the Thanksgiving meal makings.

And all I heard was grumbling–over petty issues.   P-e-t-t-y issues:  turkey supply, long lines, slow cashiers, misbehaving children, and piggish drivers.  It was just a long parade of all that’s wrong in the world.  Unless you are actually one of the people who is a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y suffering from all that’s wrong in the world:

The poor who wish they had money to buy a turkey.

Those who don’t mind the long lines because illness is making their life seem all too short.

The lonely who welcome  the conversation of a slow cashier, because it will be the only one they have all week.

The barren woman who longs to have a child–even if it is a naughty one.

Okay, so the guy pulled out in front of you and you had to touch your brakes, but you’re driving a car.  Driving a $105,000 car (I saw the sticker at the auto show)!!!  Do you realize what percentage of the world even owns a car?  Do you know that most Americans can’t afford a house the same price as your car???

Really.   Do we really have so much that we can’t be thankful, only cranky that we don’t have more?  Do we really have so much that we can’t be sensitive to those who would consider your life rich and full?

Before you grumble–before you complain, ask yourself:  What’s keeping me from being thankful? Really?  What is it?

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