Christmas: Celebrating With Wonder

One of the things I love about nativities is that all the figures are focused on Jesus.

It seems that in the flurry of preparations, Christmas can often go by with all but barely a glance at Jesus.   Sadly, Jesus gets buried behind the pressing demands instead of staying front and center in our hearts.  Not unlike the first Christmas night, we must all choose what room we will make for Jesus.

Sunday night I celebrated Christmas with our Children’s Ministry Team from church.   We set aside some time to ponder Jesus, because if we miss His magnificence and worth–we miss Christmas.  To help keep us focused on Jesus, I pulled out an exercise from Christmas Past.  Everyone completed an A, B, C of Jesus–listing a characteristic or name of of Jesus for each letter of the alphabet.  It moved my heart listening to each of the tables talking so highly of Jesus.  In the middle of the worship, my friend Barry stood to read his A, B, C’s of Jesus–His list read like a beautiful poem.  It was then that it occurred to me:  When you really stop to gaze upon Jesus–whether He is in a manger, on a cross, or coming forth from a tomb–He can’t help but be beautiful!

I’ll share my list with you…and encourage you to make one of your own…and celebrate in worship.









I-Incarnate One



L-Lover of My Heart

M-Miracle Worker

N-Near to the Broken-hearted

O-One and Only

P-Perfect Sacrifice

Q-Quieter of My Heart

R-Reigning Redeemer

S-Suffering Savior


U-Unlimited Power




Y-Yielded Servant

Z-Zachaeus’ Friend…and mine!

What makes Jesus beautiful to you?

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