Drawing the Line


As children we were taught how to color inside them.

As teenagers we practiced how to cross them.

As adults we recongize the importance of having lines; boundaries.

Those lines that say,


“No more.”

Lines that declare,





Sometimes we draw lines for others

     …to keep them safe.

Other times we draw lines for ourselves

     …to keep us safe.

There are different kinds of lines: Battle lines, laugh lines, and finish lines.

Everyone has and needs lines, but recognizing where we need them, and how to draw them is not always easy. 

I’ve drawn lines before.  One line I drew with platinum & diamonds when I called my man my husband.  I’ve drawn lines with loyalty to defend friends in need of faithfulness.  I’ve drawn lines with convinction to stand for what I know is right.  Many lines I have drawn with humility on bended knees.  I don’t regret any of the lines I’ve drawn.  When viewed in panoramic, they outline the clearest picture of who I am.

Today I need to draw a line; create a symbol for the emotional threshold that needs its space…its safety…its peace. 

The only question I still haven’t answered is if it will be in the sand or in the cement.

How about you?  What have you learned about drawing lines?  Any that you regret?

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