The Echo of Easter

Drawing close to Easter is an excellent calibrator.  Its message necessitates we focus on the things in  life that are really important.

Important things get lost throughout the year in the momentary clutter of frustration, confusion, and busyness.  I find that while Easter ought to be a holiday celebrated in my heart every day…every moment, I confess I sadly allow it to get stored away with neglected decorations pulled out only seasonally.

Not today.  Today Easter is alive and well in my heart.  It is finding victory in my thoughts. 

Here is how the message of Easter is making a difference for me today:

Not everything is as it appears.  For everyone present on Good Friday the story seems over.  Done.  Finished.  I suspect the disciples found themselves swirling in futility thinking.  The message of Easter is that appearances will give way to a greater revelation.  So many things in my life don’t make any sense on paper.  Yet faith speaks a greater confidence–God works in mighty ways beyond what the eyes can see.

Closed doors are nothing to fear.  Chapters close.  Roads end.   Death comes.  The message of Easter is that fear of change is replaced by the hope of the new which will come.   Where death snuffs out life, resurrection hope shouts “There is more!  Just wait.  There is more to come!”

Truth wins.  Things can be concealed for a night, but truth will eventually be awakened. There is victory.  Justice will be had.  No tomb will hide the truth long enough; no guards can hold back forever its power.  Truth will awaken triumphant.

God works in ways we wouldn’t choose.  The message of Easter is that God has and continues to use means and methods that no man would call common or expected.  He is using means today in my life that I wouldn’t use and Easter echoing in my heart reminds me that it’s okay.  Okay to trust His ways fully.  Okay to let things that make no sense to me be means for God to humble me with His might and power. 

How is the message of Easter echoing in your heart today?

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