When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

There is a roast in the oven that will be ready when my family arrives home.  {We haven’t eaten at home, together as a family, in two weeks.}

It is cooking in the dutch oven my husband gave me at Christmas 2009.  {It took me almost two years to use it.}

There are clothes in the washing machine.  {And they haven’t been there for three days waiting to be put into the dryer.}

I had lunch today with a treasured friend.  {And I am ashamed that there are many more on my neglected and missed list.}

Ordinary things like these can easily become extraordinary if not guarded against the elements of busyness.

Tomorrow those cobwebs taunting me from the chandelier are going to find themselves extraordinarily eradicated. 

Are you missing some ordinary rhythms in your life?  What will you do get things back to the way they need to be?