Backwards {Five Minute Friday}

He was always getting it backwards.

Choosing fishermen and misfits for his ministry cabinet.

Serving the best wine last.

Sabbath healings.

Embracing untouchables—women, lepers, children.

Washing feet.

Loving enemies.

Speaking truth to lying hearts.

So backwards. 

Dying to bring life.

Forgiving those who admitted no wrong.

Taking the punishment, yet without fault.

Coming back to those who had abandoned him.

So backwards.

Choosing me, despite my unworthiness.

Loving me, when I have nothing to offer.

So backwards. 

He was always getting it backwards, thankfully.

This is my entry for Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday…Today’s prompt is “Backwards”…Hop on over to her site and join in…here are her rules (from her site):

Got five minutes? Let’s write. Let’s write in shades of real and brave and unscripted.
Let’s just write and not worry if it’s just right or not.

1. Write for 5 minutes flat for pure unedited love of the written word.
2. Link back here and invite others to join in.
3. Get a little crazy with encouragement for the five minuter who linked up before you.

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