Courageous Living {A Thought for Pentecost Sunday}

The word Comforter as applied to the Holy Spirit needs to be translated by some vigorous term. Literally, it means with strength. Jesus promised His followers that The Strengthener would be with them forever. This promise is no lullaby for the faint-hearted. It is a blood transfusion for courageous living.

E. Paul Hovey

Are you living courageously?  Is anyone “bewildered” by God’s power manifested in you (Acts 2:6)?  Does the Spirit of God in you cause others to be “amazed and astonished” (Acts 2:7)?  Does your life cause “great perplexity” for those around you (Acts 2:12)?  Is your life marked with love, where there is cause for hate?  Joy, when others grumble?  Peace, instead of clamor and conflict?  Patience, with slow and stubborn people?  Goodness, in return for evil?  Faithfulness, when others forsake and abandon?  Gentleness, while others master in harshness?  Self-control, when lust and greed are the order of the day?  Have you waited upon God for His power or are you just making the best of it on your own, yet growing weak, and faint-hearted?

Many of us may have forgotten that today is Pentecost Sunday, just like we are so apt to forget that we can’t live the life to which we’re called without the Spirit’s help.  Our strength will fail and we’ll fall back to doing the easy thing–hating our neighbor, being ungrateful, and well, just living like everyone else.

The Spirit is your strength for courageous living.  You are sealed in the Spirit (Ephesians 1:13)–You are owned by God!  The Spirit is your pledge of all that has been promised to you in Christ (Ephesians 1:14).  His promise has not grown dusty.  God still promises strength to those who are His.  Our weakness for courageous living is not a reflection on God’s power, but rather our refusal to forsake our “lullaby” living.

May your reflection on Pentecost cause you to seek the Spirit afresh.  Be filled with His power.  Let the Spirit’s work in you bewilder, amaze, astonish, and perplex a watching world.

2 thoughts on “Courageous Living {A Thought for Pentecost Sunday}

    • You are welcome. Thank you for being someone who helps me to live courageously! I am very thankful for you. Good friend. Faithful, true, and wise. Really good friend!

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