Aren’t You Tired? {Listening to the Beatitudes: Part 3}


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“Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.” ~Matthew 5:5 “Aren’t you tired?” Three simple words cutting through our humanity.  We labor and strive for a way of life, and grow thoroughly exhausted.  Miss Hilly Hollbrook knew all … Continue reading

Time Management {Quotable}


O Lord, in whose hands are life and death, by whose power I am sustained, and by whose mercy I am spared, look down upon me with pity. Forgive me that I have until now so much neglected the duty which Thou has assigned to me, and suffered the days and hours of which I must give account to pass away without any endeavor to accomplish Thy will.  Make me to remember, O God, that every day is Thy gift, and ought to be used according to Thy command. Grant me, therefore, so to repent of my negligence, that I may obtain mercy from Thee, and pass the time which Thou shalt yet allow me in diligent performance of Thy commands, through Jesus Christ. Amen—Samuel Johnson (1709-1784).

What are you doing today?