By Way of the Heart {Five Minute Friday}


It’s a word whose reality has been hijacked by airbrushing and lipstick.  It’s photo-shopped fantasy taunting real skin and bones at every check-out counter on both sides of the Atlantic.  It squeezes into swimsuits and slimsuits too small for full-bodied living.

I prefer beauty that enters not through the eyes, but by way of the heart.

The kind that wafts upon the aroma of the fine porcelain coffee-filled cup placed by my bedside morning after morning after morning by a man that said ‘I do’ and has spent the last twenty years doing what he said he would.

It’s found in the tender, I-can-love-you-even-when-you’re-having-a-moment responses of a faithful friend allowing an emotional vomit.

You can hear it in the laughter of children whose eye-twinkle never ages.

Its thoughtful letters of love scribed within the pages of a card can be held between the fingers, while the words upon the page get swallowed like a heaping spoonful of comfort food.

The beauty of a Pooch who loves you

It’s the slobbery, uninhibited sentiment of a long-eared pooch with welcome-home kisses.

Beauty that comes by way of the heart never fades.  Even when you close your eyes its intensity draws up buckets of thankfulness and joy.  It’s a kind of beautiful that can’t be fit into pictures or words…it just gushes and flows and sloshes about in a happy heart.

I prefer beauty that enters not through the eyes, but by way of the heart. 

This post is inspired by Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday challenge.  You can hop on over to her site and read what others are saying about beauty…or you can add your own contribution.  That would be beautiful {like you}!  

8 thoughts on “By Way of the Heart {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Brenda – what a great post! I have a husband like yours – faithful and such a blessing. Thanks for sharing at FMF. Have a blessed weekend!

    • You have a basset hound? Ah, we are kindred spirits. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words for me to find.

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