Beyond Me {Five Minute Friday}

Today I’m participating in Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt where everyone, in her words, “stops, drops, and writes” for five minutes. Today’s word is ‘beyond.’


The sink has dishes, the dog has fleas, my hair has no shape.                                           He loves me.

My words are short, my attention distracted, my time impatient.                                         He loves me.

I demand. I accuse. I whine.                                                                                                 He loves me.

Like an impetuous, heart-neglected child, I kick and scream and pound, “I want what I want!”                                                                                                                                   He loves me.

In sulking, in pouting, in melancholy stupor-ing.                                                                     He loves me.

The basket has bread, the cup has wine, my feet are wrapped in His towel of grace.                                                       He loves me.

His words are soft. His yoke, easy. His burden, light.                                                         He loves me.

He coaxes. He soothes. He reassures.                                                                                He loves me.

Like a gentle shepherd, He guides the young with kindness and mercy and truth, “I will give you everything you need.”                                                                                             He loves me.

In abiding, in suffering, in never giving up or leaving.                                                           He loves me.

He loves me. I am amazed.

 It is beyond me how He loves me.


Will you be amazed by His love for you today?

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