So Much Beauty

There is so much beauty in my life.

That was the thought that bursted my morning thought bubble as I quietly waited in the stillness for the sun to rise. It began as just an innocent reflection on things from yesterday. Sushi. Friends and their faithfulness. Shopping. Observing a mom loving interacting with her much-adored baby. The Huskies won. The Cornhuskers won. My boy’s smile and the hug he gave me to go with it. A much-needed heart-to-heart. My mom’s bravery in the face of cancer. My hub’s never ending kindness to me. The note of victory from one familiar with defeat. New shoes. My silly dog. 

Do you see? The list could go on. And that was just yesterday. Today there will be more beauty–A dog show {Go, Percy Basset!}, friends gathered around football {Go, Seahawks!}, brothers and sisters breaking bread together and worshipping the all-beautiful One who is both the Shepherd and the Lamb.

There is beauty all around. Sometimes it looks everyday ordinary. Other times, it is take-your-breath-away extraordinary. Yes, there are times when beauty can be quite messy and it might take some elbow grease to find it, but it’s there. Beauty is always there. Of course, so is ugly. I guess it just comes down to choosing what we will frame and call our masterpiece.

There is so much beauty in my life…and in yours. Thank you, Lord.

What is beautiful in your world this weekend?

“He has made everything beautiful in its time” Ecclesiastes 3:11.

4 thoughts on “So Much Beauty

  1. We are blessed. Even though there are plenty of ‘scary’ things around us, we have so much to be thankful for. (even though the Badgers lost! 😦 ). I’m thankful for a wonderful church family and a pastor who speaks the word with compassion and passion. I’m thankful for my wife who gives me so much support as I struggle with issues right now. I’m most of all thankful for God’s continual forgiveness and grace. Blessings on you!

    • Mike, Great perspective. Doesn’t it just make your heart lighter to start listing your blessings? It does for me. Sorry about your Badgers.

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