Remember {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Gypsy Mama’s Five Minute Friday–my favorite writing day of the week because someone else gets to think of what to write and gives me  permission to forego the editing (not that I ever edit anyway, but at least today it’s okay). The Five Minute Friday deal is to write on the assigned prompt for five minutes. Just let the words fall out and not let the heart worry if it’s perfect or not. So here goes…

Today’s word: Remember

Two boys.

Like many women before me, I have raised two boys. Sometimes Cain, other times Abel. Some days wild at heart in the spirit of Esau, other days persistent in the spirit of Jacob. Most days they are Sons of Thunder.

Two boys with eternity set in their hearts. Yet the days have flown by on the wings of “Hurry!” “Not now!” “We’re late!” Like jostled feathers floating to the ground, the memories of their childhood have often dropped unnoticed.

Who knew then what a treasure the grainy videos my husband insisted on taking would now be. Yes, my butt was big. (I just had babies!) My hair was trapped in the 80’s. (I didn’t have time for hair concerns!) My house was a disaster. (How did the baby laundry not bury us alive?) But my two boys…they were precious.

As we sat watching the family video, my heart was moved to tears. It wasn’t the sweetness of their little fingers. Or their priceless conversations captured on film. The way they ran to everything; pushing and shoving to be first. No it wasn’t the blondness of their hair, or the divots of their dimples, or the squeal of their giggles.

While all treasured and precious, it was something else that captured my heart: It was the way they talked about Jesus. Naturally. Frequently. Like He was just another member of the family. They were too young to put on pretense. They could only speak of what they knew. And my heart cracked right down the center in thanksgiving.

The teenage years have a way of wiping clean the slate of good remembrance. Rebellion and necessary wrestling leads to spiritual amnesia, in mother and sons alike. But I remember! They knew. They know.  In the little lives of my two boys I remember that God had been there. In their big, grown up lives, He will be there too.

Today I am remembering and not forgetting my two boys and one very big God.

We must not hide them from their children, but must tell a future generation the praises of the Lord, His might, and the wonderful works He has performed…so they might put their confidence in God and not forget God’s works” Psalm 78:4, 7.

What have you forgotten that you need to remember?

2 thoughts on “Remember {Five Minute Friday}

  1. “Like jostled feathers floating to the ground, the memories of their childhood have often dropped unnoticed.” Oh, as the mama of two little boys (and a little girl) this about broke my heart–in a good way.

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