The Trinity and Gender Roles {Quotable}

I’ve been reading and enjoying Alan Padgett’s As Christ Submits to the Church: A Biblical Understanding of Leadership and Mutual Submission. I care about the discussion on gender roles in the church because 1) I’m a woman who wrestles to honor Christ rightly in my womanhood. 2) More importantly: What we teach always either promotes a right or wrong view of God, The Gospel, and Christ’s present and coming kingdom. As this quote here illuminates:

Complementarian scholars began to use the Trinity as a model for explicating and supporting their new view. At first glance this turn seems appropriate. After all, ecumenical and orthodox theology teaches that Jesus is equal in divinity to God the Father, yet the New Testament clearly teaches that in his role as savior and Messiah, he is submissive to the One he called Abba. But in order to fit the patriarchal model of women’s submission into the new complementarian thinking, such submission on the part of the Son of God could not be temporary. The reason for this is the egalitarian scholars have argued for mutual submission between husband and wife in a Christian home as vision of biblical equality. In such mutual submission, an ethic of submission is not so much rejected altogether (a la feminism) as it is limited by love, justice, and circumstance. Sometimes a husband will submit to his wife, or vice versa, depending on the context. Thus, a temporary submission of the Son models egalitarian ethics, not complementarian views. (A. Padgett, 2011)

Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts.

1 thought on “The Trinity and Gender Roles {Quotable}

  1. Woah. Reminds me of grad school. I will need to read it 5 times before I will have enough understanding to agree or disagree. For now I will say hee hee. Lol.

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