At Just the Right Time {For when you feel stuck}

There are times in our lives where we simply feel stuck.

It’s not so much that we’re losing ground, it’s that there’s no forward motion. Like it’s the fall back to Standard Time and unseen fingers in the sky keep turning back the hour hand of your life. Then there you are, right back where you just were.

I felt this a lot as a parent with young children. We were always “relearning” what had already been taught. Just this week, I had a long conversation with a couple who feels like their marriage is a scratched record always jumping back to a line it just played. A friend of mine is stuck in a situation where everyday just replays like yesterday.

“When will it ever change?” For all its sounding like it’s static, feeling stuck is anything but that. There is frustration. Anxiousness. It’s emotionally exhausting to keep hitting against the immovable walls that have you entrapped. “Stuckness” sucks vitality out of every vein.

The fourth chapter of Galatians offers an interesting and easy to miss word of encouragement for those of who feel stuck. Repeatedly throughout the chapter, the Apostle Paul speaks of the “fullness of time” and the God who is the master timekeeper. When we’re stuck time stands still; it doesn’t take much standing there helplessly for us to believe the lie that we are trapped in some sci-fi infinity loop. Each ticking of the clock tocks out hope from our heart.

The Apostle Paul reminds the Galatians and us that God is never stuck. He is watching the clock. The date for the Gospel’s birth was set by the Father. Jesus came at just the right time in history. He will also come at just the right time for you. His redemption of our sins was paid for in an instant, but His on going redeeming of all the parts of our lives is always at work. Yes, sometimes His work is deep and slow—to untrained hearts, it can easily be missed. But know this Gospel truth:  The Gospel will continue to empty graves, change grave clothes to glory gowns, and triumph over the dead, decaying places in your life…today, tomorrow, and every second of your life. God is always working and He always has eye on the clock.

The rhythm of God’s clock beats with the promises of His heart.

You are not forgotten. You are not stuck. There will be change—resurrection change! At just the right time…

“But when the fullness of time came, God…” Galatians 4:4

6 thoughts on “At Just the Right Time {For when you feel stuck}

  1. Thanks! I needed to read that, especially after the 7,593 attempt to teach the short sound of ‘u’ to my learning challenged child. I need the reminder that even these trivial things are done in God’s time. Maybe it’s time for Ecclesiastes 3:11 to hang in the school room. 🙂

    • Here’s to the 8,000th attempt of teaching up, bus, and jump! Maybe if you bribed him with a pUp named Gus, he would remember. You bring a really good point–waiting for God’s timing in our children’s lives may be one of the toughest areas. It’s so much ‘easier’ on the ego to believe that momma knows best. I realize I do that I try often to rush God’s work in my children’s lives. Thanks for adding that…it just gave me some extra peace. Glad you were encouraged by the post and yes, do hang up Ecc. 3:11in your school room.

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