Points of Interest {This Week’s Must-Reads from the Web}

Some weeks I find that there are really good reads floating about; reads that leave you thinking about them hours, days, even weeks later. These are the posts I’ve found to be most interesting, inspiring, and/or challenging this week. Enjoy! 

Mike Friesen posted this really interesting video from Stanley Hauerwas on Recapturing Advent as seen through the life of the Jews. Hauerwas says, “To recapture Advent is to recapture a sense of what it means to live as a people in a world which has taken the time of God’s patience not to live the way Jesus made it possible to live. So Advent is the recovery of how to live in the world of impatience as a patient people.” 

Jamie Arpin-Ricci offers some great insight into what the Church is to be as it pertains to discernment and discipline. In what ways does your church handle church discipline differently?

Francis Chan asks the question What’s More Important–Knowledge or Love?

Kelly Figeuroa-Ray discusses the 5 Things the Church Can Learn from Women’s Roller Derby.

Jaimie Bowman tackles the Good, Bad and Ugly of Jealousy with transparency and grace. Do you think women struggle with jealousy more than men?

Albert Garlando points out a very important distinctive of the early church. How come the church isn’t world-tilting anymore?

Scot McKnight offers Junia Is Not Alone in an e-book formula. And if Junia doesn’t convince you, explore what Mike Bird has to say about Phoebe. Ah, who knew Romans 16 could present so many complications?

El Barba tackles a really timely topic in Authenticity Is The New Plastic. I’ve wondered myself if authenticity means we have to kick to the curb discretion and reverence. Do you think people are sharing too much ‘real’ on blogs, tweets and Facebooks?

The Outdoor Wife posted this little Advent video and I watched it over and over and smiled and smiled. You must watch it.

Where have your blog travels taken you this week? Did I miss a good one? By all means, please share! 

2 thoughts on “Points of Interest {This Week’s Must-Reads from the Web}

    • Ken, thank you for a really good post. I was really challenged by your thoughts. Yeah, Brenda is not so common a name…must be a family thing. 🙂

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