A Prayer for 2012

Dear Lord,

Here we are. Another year. Hardly ordinary. Each day ordained by your hand. Thank You for each and every one of them. Yeah, there were some bad ones tucked in there—actually there were some really awful days. But You were always good and because of that I’m thankful for all the lessons of last year and I’m excited to journey with You through another.

Thank You for failure. Thank You for letting my plans be frustrated and snuffed out so that your plans—which never fail and are always perfect—can continue to prevail in my life. Thank You for the sure-footedness of truth’s perspective and for its resilient stubbornness. I am always amazed at how You drown out the notes of failure with the symphony of redemption.

It might seem weird for me to say this, but please don’t scare me with Your plans for this year. Last year had so many “Yikes!” moments, but I know I probably don’t give You many choices when I keep forgetting which one of us is God.  So maybe I’ll just ask that You keep giving me ears to hear You saying, “Do not fear. Whatever My plans, I am with you.”

Thank You for falling tyrants—the ones that live in mocked up governments, as well as the ones that found a way to the throne of my heart. Thank You that your rule and reign never resorts to tyranny. Thank You that You use the power of love, joy, peace, and kindness. Oh, and thank You for your patience in my following. I know I’m a distracted disciple, like a child lollygagging behind with shuffling feet, pulling daisy petals off of dreams you did not give me.

Speaking of daisy petals. Thank You that “He loves me” is always the last petal pulled. Yes, thank You that You always, no matter what, extravagantly love me! I love You too and really want my life—down to all the little decisions—to make it obvious.

Thank You for grace. May You put it on beautiful display in my life.

Thank You for faithful companions. Husband, sons, parents, sisters, and friends—they are all so beautiful. They have loved me well. I ask that You give me an extra portion of Your love to give back to them in smiles, hugs, shared laughter, gentle counsel, yummy meals, and adventures that leave us all rejoicing that You are in us and among us. Yes, help me to love others well—both old friends, new friends, and even those who may never be able to return the gift of friendship.

Thank You that You are the God of new beginnings. What a bummer a new year would be if it were just a do-over. Try again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. How I thank You that you do not put us on loop. Instead, every day of every month of this New Year will be a moment when You will speak new things into being. The old is really gone—oh, thank You, Lord. I’m so over the old. The new is here and is coming.  Bring it on!

While I praise You that You remain the same, I ask that You not leave me with the same understanding of who You are.  Yes, teach me wonderful new truths about You.

I’ve never asked You before to make me average, you know, just a run-of-the-mill kind of girl. I’ve always wanted more than that. But Lord, this year please let me be average. May all the fame and greatness be Yours.  Yes, may my heart daily proclaim, “Let God be big!”

Thank You that this year is already the Year of Our Lord. It’s Yours. I ask that You not only be present in it, but that You would kill the pride and selfishness of my heart that I might daily enjoy Your presence. May the sweetness of Your presence intoxicate with grace my work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in my Lord Jesus Christ.  Lord, that last thing I said, that’s my heart’s cry for 2012. Can You make my life look like that sentence please?

It’s a simple prayer, but it’s the one I got.


What’s your prayer for 2012?

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