Points of Interest {This Week’s Must-Reads}

On Monday I made a commitment to read less “stuff”–be it blogs, twitter, newspaper. I knew I was getting overloaded with information and it was slowing down the transformation process. So this week’s “must-reads” are really not reads at all. Just a collection of thoughts I gathered along the way while listening for Christ to speak.

On Monday, I listened to my New Testament prof exhort the class about the authority of the  Scriptures. He’s tired of the arguments. He’s worn down from people debating about whether the authority gets defined correctly. You know why he’s tired of it? Because the authority issue is moot until the Scripture has authority in our lives and far too often it doesn’t. Instead it’s a book we use for proving stuff and not often enough used to discover Jesus who asks us to let Him have authority in our lives today. Like in the way we love one another, as He commanded we are to do. Ouch. 

Last night I marveled at the faithfulness of God and His extravagant grace as I listened to my Church History prof talk about the life of Saint Bede. Despite a less than ideal childhood, God’s grace was sufficient for him and he was used greatly to bring the gospel to England. The story really struck me because we parents do so much to ensure our children’s future success–and all those things are good. Yet, God is the one who chooses each man {and woman} according to His good purposes and no matter how good or bad a upbringing, God’s message of hope is carried on by His grace…not a parent’s genius. That should be good news for those of us who are worried we screwed up our kids.

This morning I sat with a friend and we got to talking about Jesus and the way we find Him in the gospels loving and being kind and gentle and patient. We shared favorite highlights from Matthew’s Gospel–like how Jesus calls disciples to follow–to walk with Him–rather than just do stuff for Him, and how often He heals, and how He rescues those who are in bondage, and how when he faces opposition He keeps on with His mission, and how He is always seeing both the crowds and the individuals and meets their obvious and hidden needs. We rejoiced in the beauty of His life and gave thanks that His life continues to be present with us. As we ladies age and we battle middle age with the decline in our bodies and persistence in our character flaws, it is very comforting to remember that God has promised to conform us into the image of His Son. If you are fearing that you are going to end up being someone who you don’t want to be, meditate on Christ. He is not only beautiful…He promises we too shall be! 

How is God’s presence at work in your life this week?

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