Suspicion {Quotable}

Today I saw this quote from Spurgeon:

‎”Suspicion is the death of fellowship. The moment one Christian imagines that another thinks hardly of him, though there may not be the slightest truth in that thought, yet straightway the root of bitterness is planted. Let us believe in one another’s sincerity, for we may rest assured that each of our brethren deserves to be trusted more than we do.” – Charles Spurgeon

Three things:

1) Was not Charles Spurgeon a gift to the church? I love the way that his teaching continues to encourage and exhort us.

2) Do you agree with Spurgeon about suspicion? Have you seen it kill fellowship? I have. Vain imaginations do violence with the reality of Christian love. Suspicion is the spark that starts the fire of all kinds of community distress. What is the trajectory of suspicion? If left unchecked, what kind of harm will it leave in its wake? It’s important to think about this so that we can respond wisely next time we cross paths with it.

3) If suspicion is a threat to true community, how can those of us in community keep it out of our camps? How can we encourage and exhort one another to treat suspicion as an enemy? I think this requires some deep staring into the heart to answer the following questions: What is at the heart of suspicion with which we must wrestle? How is discernment different than suspicion?

There’s a lot of suspicion circulating about in the Christian community. How did we ever get to be such a suspicious bunch? Just read blogs for 30 minutes and you will see that there is much speculation about the whos and what-nots of other people. I’m asking myself what it would look like for me to be more charitable with my thoughts about the brothers and sisters who make up this precious, albeit quirky, family.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. 

4 thoughts on “Suspicion {Quotable}

    • Well Heather, since this is where I preach to myself I can assure you that you are in good company with finding it a challenge to trust others. My thinking is leading me back to the garden where Eve was suspicious of God’s intentions…and His love. Ultimately, that suspicion broke the purity of their community. I can see how we humans also turn that suspicion on others and break community, rather than breaking bread. It is so hard to trust people…especially when we’ve been burned in relationships. What are some “renewed thoughts” we could replace for the tired and tiring distrustful ones? Trusting others is hard, but I believe necessary to achieve the kind of community we seek. I’m so glad you added to the conversation how hard it is to be unsuspicious…you’re right on, it’s so natural for us to default to distrust.

  1. I recently read the book “The Trust Edge” by David Horsager. Although written from a secular viewpoint and focusing on leadership, Horsager is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. His book spoke so loudly to me about the importance of building trust into our relationships. Trust destroys suspicion!
    Thanks Brenda,

    • Mike, great point. The real problem with suspicion is the one that begins in our own heart, huh? The book you reference sounds really good…I’ll have to add that to my list. As always, thanks for your comment. I’m a big fan of the contribution you make to the conversation. Thanks!

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