Great Question {About Church Diversity}

My son informed me today that one of his friends asked if he could join us at church tomorrow. {Something tells me this conversation was sparked by my son bragging about being able to get his ‘potluck’ on. Few things rank higher for teenage boys than all-you-can-eat free food.}

Really?” I reply, feeling chagrinned that he would have to ask us. He should have already received an invite from us.

Here’s my son’s reply: “Yep. I told him sure and don’t worry, it’s okay with his mom.

Me: “How do you know?

I heard him ask her.”

Me: “Really? What did she say?

Son, quoting friend’s mom: “Why you want to go to church with a bunch of white people?

Great question. Really great question. One I’ve asked myself over the years.

Why do we so easily assume corporate worship should be limited to the people we think are just like us? I don’t blame the mom for asking this question. It tells me that I haven’t done enough to befriend her in such a way that I am known to her for more than the color of my skin. Truth be told, I don’t know that I’ve done anything to contribute to a genuine friendship. How very, very humbling.

This encounter is such a great reminder of the work that needs to be done in our churches as we work toward unity with diversity. I believe that it begins with people like you and me being intentional about building friendships outside our own comfortable, predictable social settings. I don’t want to limit this to the color of skin, because there are many more reasons that so many churches end up looking bland. Anytime we think we’re going to be most comfortable in worship with people who are of the same age, color, economic status, etc., we’ve drunk the kool-aid served at any local social club. It seems to me that these walls will start to crack and crumble with friendships, something I am going to be more intentional about as a result of this.

What are some steps that you see could help the church break down the walls that keep us compartmentalized into ‘sects’ of sameness?

Armed with the information that there’s an invite out to the baseball friends, I better go make some more food to contribute to said potluck.

1 thought on “Great Question {About Church Diversity}

  1. Brenda, great post. Your final question is one I’ve asked several times. Why did Jesus have people dig holes in the roof to get to him and now, 2000+ years later we can’t get them in the door?! I don’t have an answer either, but thanks for the reminder that we MUST keep trying. Souls are at stake!

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