Hope so We Can Wait {Quotable}

“Give Us Hope So We Can Wait” (by Stanley Hauerwas in Prayers Plainly Spoken)
Invade our bodies with your hope, dear Lord, that we might manifest the enthusiasm of your kingdom. Give us the energy of children, whose lives seem fired by the wonder of it all. Thank you God, you have given us good work, hopeful work. Our lives are not just one pointless thing after another. We have purpose. But give us also your patience. School our hope with humility, recognizing that finally it is a matter of your will being done. Too often our hope turns to optimism, optimism to despair, despair to cynicism. Save our hope by Israel-like patience so that we can learn to wait hopefully in joy. Surely that is why you give us children–signs of hope requiring infinite patience. Give us hope so we can learn to wait. Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again. ~Amen.

2 thoughts on “Hope so We Can Wait {Quotable}

  1. It’s interesting that this should be posted I was just reflecting on how I used to hate the word “hope” and would quote the verse “Hope deferred makes the heart grow weary.” and feel justified that hope is crap. Then I found that there was no period after “weary” there is actually a “but” the real verse is “Hope deferred makes the heart grow weary, BUT a desire fullfilled is like the tree of life.” Now that is something to hold out for or “hope” such a beautiful word picture. God is good and faithful. Always, just sometimes one has to wait for the “but.”

    • I hear you. I’m so glad the verse doesn’t end after the first clause. Although the waiting for the fulfillment often seems long, does it not? So glad that I get to wait it out with you 🙂 Let’s do some waiting together over coffee (next week?)

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