What are You Studying? {Helping Each Other Walk Into the Deeper Places}

For the last couple of months, I have been drawn to the Gospel of John like a moth to a flame. It has consumed both my devotional and study time. Don’t you just love it when God seems to be opening up the scriptures to you and its words become life and breath and healing and hope?

Last Monday, the lady friends in my life known as the “Monday Study” cracked the spine on “The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town” by Paul Louis Metzger. (Such.a.good.book.) It occurred to me that in the past I’ve invited my friends here to join different studies–because inevitably I end up writing about what I’m learning. {It’s so much better when this little blog is a dialogue. I love hearing your thoughts!}

Are you in need of a new study? You can join us via this virtual living room. You can pick up the book here and join in with your thoughts to the Reflection Questions or insights about John’s Gospel and discipleship.

This week we are reading John 1:1-18 and pages 27-42 in Metzger’s book.

Here are some REFLECTION QUESTIONS to get our discussion started:
1) The Prologue sets forth the main themes of John’s Gospel. Recall that a gospel is a story that reveals Jesus as Messiah. As we get caught up in John’s story, what themes does the prologue tell us we will encounter? Is there one theme that speaks powerfully to you?
2) “In the beginning…” We hear Genesis in the first words of John’s Gospel. Go back and refresh your memory of creation. Read Genesis 1:1-2:3. What similarities do you pick up on? Why does John choose to echo the creation story?
3) On page 29, Metzger says, “We do not first touch God, God first touches us. God does so through the eternal and personal Word of creation, revelation, salvation and incarnation.” Reflect on how God has most powerfully “touched” you in your life. Have you paused to thank Him for His initiation and tenderness? Recall specific time/s He has reached out to you. Come prepared to share the ways in which you’ve experienced the touch of God. (This is important for us. There are inevitably times in our lives where God seems to go quiet. Hearing stories of God’s reaching out in another’s life always provides encouragement to one who may be mistaken God’s hush as neglect/abandonment.)
4) On pages 30-31, Metzger expounds upon the Word revealing truth. What new insights have you gleaned about truth and our relationship to it? Where in your life is truth most apt to be “concealed” behind ideologies?
5) How does self-delusion serve as spiritual darkness?
6) Our hearts confirm that we desire intimacy with God. No matter how close I grow to the Lord, the closer I want to be. And YET, as Metzger says, sometimes He draws close to me in ways that I don’t want. I too can cry out for a “different kind of Messiah.” What challenges to intimacy with Jesus does the prologue set forth?
7) What is the most comforting truth of the incarnation?
8) How does “The Egg-Headed God and the Gospel of Jesus” speak to where you currently are in your walk with the Lord and how you are responding to the deeper places He is calling you to journey with Him?
This study isn’t merely about me wanting to learn new stuff. I’m wanting to follow Jesus deeper in discipleship and I think this study is a way for me to understand better what that means. I can’t do it alone…I need others to help me walk to to the deeper places. If you need others to encourage you along the way, then quick…go to Amazon, get your Kindle edition and let’s get started. (Or just open your Bible and read along with us.)

3 thoughts on “What are You Studying? {Helping Each Other Walk Into the Deeper Places}

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