What Exactly is this New Life? {The Gospel of John Study}

For those participating in the study of The Gospel of John, here are questions for the upcoming week. I will try to get some of my reflections to the questions answered…but no promises. I’m approaching finals and that makes this blog a very neglected space. Anyone want to write a guest post with a reflection on your John study? I know from discussions I’ve had with you that you are growing in your understanding of Jesus…I can promise you, others would love to hear what you are learning!

My Own Personal Jesus–Reading: John 3:1-36, Metzger’s The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town, pp. 63-73


1. John 3:1-21 is a popular teaching text. If you’ve been in church circles for any amount of time, you have probably heard it sermonized many times. Reflect on some of the teaching you have heard about this passage. What are some of the different interpretations you have heard?  What aspects of this passage do you still find confusing? Make a list of the aspects that confuse and begin to pray through the list, asking the Lord to teach you.

2. Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night and asks him questions that the exposure of daylight hushes. Do you ever find yourself hushing your questions about Jesus? What are some questions you have that linger in the secret places of your heart? Will you use this week to start asking them of Jesus?

3. What does the significance of being “born again” in this passage mean to you? So often the Christian life is referred to as the “new life;” what other New Testament teachings might add to our understanding of what it means to be born again?

4. On page 67, Metzger describes Johnny Cash as being “fragile, though in a good way.” Reflect on this. How does this often differ from what we consider to be “a strong Christian?” Are you okay with being described as “fragile”?

5. On page, 71, Metzger says “But each of us has a hard time putting Jesus’ will ahead of our own.” And then he asks this question, “How do we find our joy in becoming less so that Jesus can become more?” Let’s discuss your answers to and struggles with this question.

1 thought on “What Exactly is this New Life? {The Gospel of John Study}

  1. John is such a spectacular book, so different in it’s view from the other gospels. I would love to submit a post for you, check out my blog and let me know. thanks, Graeme

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