What’s So Good about the Gospel of John? {Guest Post}

Today I am welcoming Graeme Schultz from My Broom. A beautiful benefit of the internet is that the walls of the Church expand across states and continents allowing us to experience virtual community with brothers and sisters distanced by miles. Today we journey to Australia and sit with Graeme as he shares with us about his love for the Gospel of John.

John just launches straight in, there’s no warm up…

In the beginning was the Word… in Him was life… it was the light of men… the Word became flesh… we are born of God. It’s full-on, we feel like our heads are spinning with new concepts… and were only up to verse 14.

The Gospel of John is unlike the other 3 ‘synoptic’ gospels. It’s like Matthew, Mark and Luke were written from ‘time looking toward eternity’, whereas John was written from ‘eternity looking toward time’.The first 3 gospels prepare us by clearly showing us the life, teachings, miracles, death and resurrection of Christ. Then the book of John takes all of that information and presents it afresh from the perspective of the heavenly realm.

Luke says in 1:3, the purpose of his work is “to write an orderly account for you, after careful investigation”. John says in 20:31, the purpose of his work is “these words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in His name”.

Of course all the gospels are words of life inspired by the Holy Spirit himself… but I just find myself constantly drawn back to the book of John for it’s insight into the realm of the Spirit. In John we go beyond what Jesus was saying and doing and teaching, to what was the source of life that energized him, what was going on between Him and his Father,  we even get a glimpse of the intimate union that enabled Him to complete His work.

The book of John contains no parables – (which were intended to ‘veil the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God’), instead it is very direct and confronting… Jesus said to Nicodemus ‘I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how then will you believe if I speak to you of heavenly things?’There is a challenge in the book of John to move beyond understanding – (based simply on what we can observe with our natural eyes), to beginning to see with the eyes of our heart, to perceive life on earth from the greater reality… the eternal truths of the Spirit.

Ok, I’ve nearly finished this blog without actually discussing any of the content of the book of John – but I want to end with perhaps the most radical concept in the bible, John 14:20 “On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”.

Mind blowing stuff,.. more tomorrow…


About our guest: Graeme Schultz has been married to Angela for 35 happy years. They have 4 kids and 3 grandkids. He is based just west of Melbourne, Australia where he enjoys his work as a building designer. He is finally getting around to writing, a desire too long unfulfilled.

He and his wife Angela have enjoyed a lifetime of walking together with the Lord. We have both discovered in recent years a far more profound level of relationship with God, our faith is by far our deepest joy. About 5 years ago the GFC had a major impact on his business. At that time he discovered that his roots in God were too shallow to sustain him through this difficult time. The cliché’s and Christian rhetoric were inadequate for the challenges he was facing, causing him to drill down into the depths of God. He asked God this one request “show me Jesus”, and he has. God has brought him and his wife into a place of wonder and exhilaration in the amazing work that Christ accomplished on the cross. He has served in a range of leadership capacities in both main stream and charismatic churches, and is presently enjoying a community church close to home.

 Along the way he discovered that much of what he believed was based more on the culture and traditions of Christianity, rather than Christ himself, his death and resurrection. He began to blog along the lines of renewing the mind, Rom. 12:2 where he is asking one question a day aimed at dismantling thinking that is based on the culture, but not necessarily based on the revelation of Christ himself. Paul said “I chose to know nothing among you but Christ and Him crucified”… a renewed mind is so stunned by the magnificent of Christ and His work on the cross, that all else pales into insignificance. You can visit his blog at My Broom

7 thoughts on “What’s So Good about the Gospel of John? {Guest Post}

    • Julia, indeed it is! I think it is always good to hear from you too…if you’re ever so inclined to want to share your wisdom here.

      • Julia, You can write about anything you want. I love your insight into the scriptures. Just let me know when you want to share…I would love to highlight your blog. It has been a real blessing to me.

    • Graeme, Thanks so much for the contribution! You wrote a worship inspiring post. I too really love the book of John for the special look it gives us of Jesus’ relationship with the Father. This snapshots expand my understanding of how the Father loves us. Truly mind blowing. Blessings to you!

      • Hi Brenda,
        Yes it is such an inspiring book. You’ve got me started now and I will blog again on this over the next few days. Feel free to post any on your site. cheers, G

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