The Wrong Way to Defend Yourself {What I Couldn’t Find in Doug Wilson’s Response}


There’s no un-reading what you wished you hadn’t read. I really, really, really wish that I had not read this today by Doug Wilson. It was his response to Rachel Held Evans about this. I wasn’t going to say anything about … Continue reading

A Prayer for Refuge and Strength {Quotable William Barclay}


O God, you are our refuge.

When we are exhausted by life’s efforts;

When we are bewildered by life’s problems;

When we are wounded by life’s sorrows;

We come for refuge to you.

O God, you are our strength.

When our tasks are beyond our powers;

When our temptations are too strong for us;

When duty calls for more than we have to give it;

We come for strength to you.

O God, it is from you that all goodness comes.

It is from you that our ideals come;

It is from you that there comes to us the spur of high desire and the restraint of conscience,

It is from you that there has come the strength to resist temptation,

and to do any good thing.

And now as we pray to you,

Help us to believe in your love,

so that we may be certain that you will hear our prayer;

Help us to believe in your power,

so that we may be certain that you are able to do for us above all that we ask or think;

Help us to believe in your wisdom,

so that we may be certain that you will answer,

not as our ignorance asks,

but as your perfect wisdom knows best.

All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

~William  Barclay, from A Barclay Prayer Book

Instructions for Life {Quotable Mary Oliver}


“Instructions for living a life: 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.” 

~Mary Oliver

We all see different things and discover beauty hidden under things that other’s miss. It’s why we must tell what we see and what captivates our wonder. Someone…that you know…couldn’t see past their darkness to gaze on light. Someone…that you know…can’t imagine that there is anything worth waking up from slumber for? They need to borrow hope from your view. Tell your story. Describe the beauty and goodness and truth you found in your day. It might just be the very story they need to hear to help them believe that tomorrow can, and by God’s grace will be different than today.

Then give thanks to God that you have eyes to see, and a heart to be astonished, and a voice to tell about it.

What did you notice today? How were you wowed? Who can you tell?