10 Books that Changed My Faith {10 Books a Day for a Week}

Sarah started a new link up, 10 Books a Day for a Week as way to share with one another books that have been influential.

In typical fashion, I’m a day behind. Yesterday’s category was 10 Books That Changed My Faith.  In fairness, I’m late because this was a really hard category for me to narrow down. Really hard. One way in which God has shaped my faith is by authors who have served as mentors in my life. However, the day is passing and I have yet to pick out the books for today so I must post and move…or be left behind {…not one of my favorite books.}

Below are snapshots of books that represent a season of awakening or deepening in my spiritual life…trust me, there are many more, but I think these represent pivotal moments of growth and deeper understanding of what it means for me to be a disciple of Christ.

Here they are…in no meaningful order. {They are all linked to Amazon for your perusing convenience…just click on the picture.}

1. Desiring God, by John Piper.

2. The Art of Divine Contentment, by Thomas Watson

3. Free of Charge: Giving and Forgiving in a Culture Stripped of Grace, by Miroslav Volf

4. Women in the Early Church, by Elizabeth Ann Clark

5. Letters to a Diminished Church, by Dorothy Sayers

6. The Prisoner in the Third Cell, by Gene Edwards

7. By the Renewing of Your Minds, by Ellen Charry

8. On Being a Servant of God, by Warren Wiersbe

9. The Bruised Reed, by Richard Sibbes

 10. The Sense of the Call: A Sabbath Way of Life for Those Who Serve God, the Church, and the World, by Marva Dawn. And I don’t have a photo because this is my favorite book of.all.time. written by one of my favorite theological authors, so it makes sense that it is has walked off my shelves into the hands of a friend.

What about you? Have you read any of them? Love them? Hate them? 

What books have been influential in your faith development?

Tomorrow I’ll post my favorite parenting books.

3 thoughts on “10 Books that Changed My Faith {10 Books a Day for a Week}

    • Great books! I easily could have had A Tale of Three Kings–a leadership classic. All the others are great too. I feel marginally retarded that my list didn’t include a C.S. Lewis book–my favorite of his is God in the Dock. Thanks for sharing your favorites…they’re good ones!

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