In Celebration of No-Filter Friday

No-Filter Friday: The 24-hour period every week when my thought bubble gets to express itself…sans editing. You know, sometimes we just need to say it; let our words be playful, light, and unscripted. Fridays are about friends, some who are family, and about letting the demands of the week be overwhelmed by the acceptance of those who love us exactly.the.way.we.are.

I know that my words here on this little blog are going to be weighed and judged and critiqued. They should be. Examine everything. Carefully. One of the dangers of writing and reading blogs is that we can forget that the writers are people–people who are real, and still in process. The words here won’t be final words on any matter. We don’t get to read the writer’s thought bubble, rather only the words they gift to us. Oftentimes, the words that are lacing up the heart go unspoken. No-Filter Friday is my way of unlacing those strings and walking barefoot for a day…and allowing my people to love me as I am…and giving them the invitation to do the same.

So here’s a random kick-off to this fine and glorious No-Filter Friday…

  • I haven’t bought a book or a pair of shoes all week and it’s nearly killing me. Husbands and their ultimatums.
  • The boy had his wisdom teeth out this week…extracting wisdom from teenagers, go figure.
  • Hats off to Florence Nightingale. {Two surgeries from two boys in two months is TOO much.}
  • I gave a short teaching last night on The Discipline of Slowing. I was told I would have 50 minutes, but ended up with 30 so I had to hurry. HA! The person who spoke before me taught on Fasting. Please…tell me that you find this all hysterical. Thank you, Lord, for humor. Can’t make this stuff up.
  • On Sunday, I joined the ultimatum husband for a quick trip to San Diego (for his work). Our hotel was next door to Comi-Con. What the heck is that? Seriously, I had no idea such a community existed. It was like Halloween in July. Adults dressed in costumes, wrestling in parking lots, and well…demonstrating other disturbing behavior. I got to overhear this Parent Fail–Dad (to 4 year old son): “If you step on my foot again, I am taking you to the Zombies.” Son (terrified): “No, Daddy, No! Please not the Zombies.” {Crickets} {Crickets} Even No-Filter Friday words fail me.
  • Haters are cowards. Save the ink. I’m not going to read your mail.
  • All the election poo-poo…people, it’s summer. Relax. Getting yourself all worked up now isn’t going to help us come November. Remember the tortoise? Slow and steady now.
  • I am all out of creative excuses and will now be accepting suggestions for why I should not clean my house today. Cleanliness is over-rated.

How about you? Anything you need to get off your chest? Say it.

Walk barefoot with your words today. You can be free and be loved!

Please note that this post is filed under ‘Grace.’ Figuring I’m going to need some. 

2 thoughts on “In Celebration of No-Filter Friday

  1. LOVE this! What a great idea! I have a whole Thursday’s worth of No-Filter worthy stuff, seeing as yesterday was the day that any odd but slightly disastrous thing that could happen, did, but let me just share this one thought.

    Good news: the mousetrap caught a rat.
    Bad news: that means it didn’t catch the mouse we saw earlier in the day.
    Good news: but… it caught a RAT.
    Bad news: good gravy, where did the rat come from and does it have friends?

    • Oh Julia, you need a cat! We have had a rat problem in our bbqer. They keep camping out there. Clearly they have not seen Shrek! Maybe we should start a link up on Fridays to dump all the random stuff that life wrote for us…because you and I both know, there’s no way to make this stuff up. Happy rodent hunting!

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